What is Lag

I’m sometimes asked by pupils , this very question

Well #Lag could be defined as the delay in one movement in catching up to another

I’m starting to see it really in Golf and just an exsquisite timing , or sequence of movements to allow the golfer to generate more torque in their body’s and therefore more club head speed…..Sequencing is however the key ….it’s a pretty advanced move at elite level , but even the beginner can start to take on board what this feels like. This is a good thing as you start to appreciate the benefits it will bring to your game.

try this out……stand parallel ( facing ) something solid like the corner of a wall or solid chest of draws , open your palm , and swing your arm only into the side of the object , you can apply a reasonable force , but try again and swing your arm back a bit further and hit it harder ……….notice where your lower body goes once your hand has stopped …. You’ll probably find that your body is moved ahead slightly or to the left of the impact area ……that’s lag ….you've naturally generated more speed in your hand by moving your body out of your own way.

if a boxer is throwing a punch , his body moves forward first , not backwards then the first follows. When you crack a whip your hand is moving in the opposite direction to the tip of the whip ……that lag creates the speed

the aerial below shows how the body opens up before impact, creating a whip like effect

oh and check out this Swing ……fantastic lag through great technique and sequencing https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLRmc8Tc/

good luck …..oh and dont hit it with your hand too hard 🤕

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