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I have been working as a PGA Qualified Professional Golf Coach since 1996.  I've been lucky enough to work at Worplesdon GC , West Malling and The London Golf Club as Senior Assitant and then Head Professional . I specialize in helping people reach their potential, Identifying quickly how they prefer to learn and setting them challenging goals to help them truly live their golfing potential. I've also been blending in my life coaching skills since becoming a Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy in 2011, all of which was studied due to my passion for sports psychology. Packages can be tailored to suit your requirements, from a few guiding lessons to long term strategic plans.  Unlock your potential by getting in touch. 

I was asked what a Coach is 

I think a Coach is someone who's professionally trained to help you maximise your full potential and desired results. "Like a supportive friend and trusted advisor rolled into one . They are someone who will push you to identify your goals , hold you accountable and provide encouragement throughout your journey to become a better version of yourself." 



Jack Nicklaus

"Confidence is the most important single factor in the game , and no matter how great your natural talent , there is only one way to obtain and sustain it : Work"

" Focus on remedies not faults"

and one of my favourites 

"Don't be too proud to take lessons , Im Not ! "

"Pursue what you love , what your passionate about .  Don't let somebody else dictate your life path."

"Ask yourself how many shots you would have saved if you always developed a strategy before you hit , always played within your capabilities , never lost your temper , and never got down on yourself ."

"Talent isn't as important as the work and dedication necessary to become competent."