Golf in the Borders - the evolution of golf memberships

We are blessed with many fantastic courses in the Scottish Borders, sometimes overlooked by travellers and nomadic golfers as the the larger Edinburgh and Lothian Courses who have the bigger marketing budgets attempt to drive traffic their way. However, what we have all benefitted from in the last few years, amazingly, is a mini golf boom and what was feared by some industry experts, the big slow down and drop off of memberships, has not transpired.

The health and mental benefits alone of a good walk spoiled are huge, especially in light of how much we have all been locked up indoors over the last 24 months. Memberships demographics are changing however. As Secretary at one of the Borders little gems - St Boswells Golf Club - I’m noticing it’s a great mix of all ages taking up the game and quite often for very different reasons; tradesman, sportsmen and women, seniors, juniors, ladies, younger and older, all who bring and take different things to and from this great game, and most importantly all with different reasons for wanting to play. We have a great mix of new golfers just learning, social only players, competitive players and those just in for the love of the great outdoors and the excercise. Long may this continue as this blend is an extremely healthy mix for any Golf Club. There should always be a blend of competitive golf and social golf at clubs as this allows an inclusive feel to what is, at the end of the day, a Members Club.

If you interested in joining any golf club, taking up golf and having a go for what ever reason, anywhere in the Borders drop me an email and I’ll direct you in the right golf clubs direction. You can contact me at: and if it’s lessons your after to help you take up the game contact me at ….whatever you do Enjoy this fantastic game.

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