I am an experienced PGA Coaching Professional with over 30 years of experience . My goal is simple, to help you improve and enjoy your golf.

I want to help you develop the habits and skills to move towards your goals whilst having fun !

 I'll help you create a plan unique to you get you from where you are, to where you want to be, in your time frame . This can as simplistic as a 1/2hr quick fix lesson  or a 12 month full program designed help your reach your maximum potential - as they say the choice is yours.

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Coaching is personal and needs to suit your needs not some model or secret formula. Individual assesments are critical to understand your needs and aspirations - We don't all want to get to scratch! and we all swing the club differently. Some just want to enjoy the game more than they currently do, while some want to be the best they can be . Matching your aspirations and goals to your ability, timeframe, budget, work ethic and expectations is crucial to success  . The best coaches help understand all these elements before planning an approach, to help give you a roadmap to that goal 

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The core of what I do is to help you enjoy your golf while helping you reach your untapped potential in this glorious game of golf . If you are as passionate as me about playing great golf then you will understand just how frustrating the game can be at times.  This is why we all need a coach , one who understands how we learn, who listens to what we really want , asks great questions and pushes us to achieve what we were unsure we were even capable of. Don't put it off, call now or book on line to schedule a session. Packages for all levels available.


The Short Game can be both exhilarating and card wrecking, sometimes in the same round . Understanding how you can improve your technique , practice sessions , thought processes, routines and where your real strengths and weaknesses lie can be critical to improving your handicap scores and enjoyment. Confidence in this area is critical to scoring well. You can be the best ball striker in the world but if your short game is average you'll never reach your potential.  


If your clubs are not correctly custom fitted to your ability and technique you might as well stay in the clubhouse . This crucial area doesn't mean spending a fortune it does mean using equipemnt that suits your build, posture, swing style, strength and ability. Having spent a decade specialising in this field whilst at Callaway Golf I can guide you in the right direction.


The Game with the Game ! Many golfers are great ball strikers and may even have good short games, but just don't seem to hole many putts. Is that you?  Or may be your already a good putter but you just know you could get better! Well as with the long game, putting is very personal to the individual as to what will work well,  but there are basics you need to adhere too and to learn, however the psychology of putting is equally if not more important than the physical technique involved.  Once you have the tools to excel in both these areas the confidence you gain will improve your scores and enjoyment . There's no feeling quite like holing a put for Birdie, Eagle, to save a great par, or better still win a match. Book now to learn how !



Book a group session and learn with friends or family . This is proven to aid enjoyment, decrease social angst, and keep you motivated to improve your understanding and playing the game. Minimum 4 and Max 6 to keep it effective. Group classes last 1 hour 40 min per session to ensure plenty of personal attention and time . Balls are included in the price and Clubs can be provided for beginners if booked in advance.   


The great Man Jack Nicklaus knew the importance of controlling his thoughts emotions and attitude and staying focused only on what he could control. Having had the awsome privilege of meeting the man and even playing golf with him , I believe he was one of the first to use the power of visualisation to get the best he could from every shot he played " This is a skill that anyone can be taught to use and is so powerful . Understanding not just how your thoughts effect your golf, but how to control them, especially under pressure. This the key to better golf no matter what your level. Routines and training your thought processes is a critical part of your game that can be greatly improved with some simple techniques. This can get you into that illusive Zone so often talked about . Think well, play well.  Its sounds simple and actually, when learned, does become very simple.

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